Gourd and Fiber Awards Announced

Bill Decker Wren and Flowers

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Southwest Gourd and Fiber Fine Art Show. The competition was stiff this year and there were over 100 entries for the judges to take in!

2023 Southwest Gourd & Fiber Fine Art Show Awards List

Gourd Awards: 

Best in Show
Wren & Flowers - Bill Decker (Pictured)

First Place
Masaai Warrior - Judy Richie

 Second Place
The Royal - Sherry Nelson

 Award of Merit

Turquoise Dreams - Roy Cavarretta

Southwestern Design

Indian & Bison - Bill Decker

Judges’ Special Awards

Tropical Dreamer – Gloria Christian

In Bloom – Blanche Cavarretta

Theia – Sherry Nelson

Mountain Dream – Jill Robinson

Feather Flower – Bill Decker

Fiber Awards:

Best in Show
Winterling - Suzann Thompson

First Place
Whirling Galaxies - Sherry Christensen

 Second Place
Field of Poppies - Carolyn Herr Roup

 Award of Merit

Hand Dyed Woven Mobius - Patricia Day

Judges’ Special Awards

Donna Has Always Immersed Herself In Wool – Mary McCaulay

Zen – Bonnie Woods

Alpaca Bucket Hat –Mary McCaulay

Maiden Hair Fern Shadow Box – Patricia Day

Winter Window – Karen Isenhower

Jack – Rischa Leinweber