Upcoming KACC Events

Water Street, Parade May 24th, 2021

Kerrville Legends & Lore Walking Tour

Kerrville has a unique story.It is the story of a once rough-and-tumble frontier town that transitioned into a thriving community of opportunity.It is also the story of the (slightly crazy) entrepreneurs who made their dreams a reality and the determined underdogs who came...
Artistpalette Aug 4th, 2021

Kerrville Art Club News

The Kerrville Art Club, one of the Art Center's affiliated groups, has released it's summer 2021 newsletter. To view the newsletter, click the PDF link to the left.
Pleinairhead Sep 15th, 2021

Paint Kerrville! Outdoor Painters Event

Join us on Friday night for the culmination of Paint Kerrville! a plein air competition event hosted by the Outdoor Painters Society and KACC.Be THE FIRST to see the wonderful work by the plein air artists that are painting Kerrville. Your $75/per person ticket will get you...