Blake Loree and Wayne Delyea Seminar

Blake Loree Chair

The presenters have changed, the the quality hasn't!

Saturday, November 13, 11 am - 2:30 pm
Texas Furniture Show Seminar
Presenters: Blake Loree & Wayne Delyea
$20 for Texas Furniture Makers Show Participants
$30 general public

Due to an injury, Frank Strazza will be unable to present the seminar planned for Saturday, November 13. Instead, we have two incredibly talented furniture makers - Blake Loree and Wayne Delyea, who were gracious to step in and take over the seminar.

11 am - 12:30 pm: Green Wood Demo With Blake Loree: Blake Loree builds Windsor Chairs and other custom furniture in his timber frame shop just north of Waco Texas. He also teaches classes on how to build your own chair.

Blake was an apprentice at the Heritage School of Woodworking for a number of years and has had the privilege to study with some of the best Windsor chair makers in the country. 
In this 90 minute seminar he will show you a few of the different aspects of Greenwood chairmaking including: shaping parts split from a log with a drawknife, carving a white pine chair seat by hand and will conclude with a live steam bending of a continuous arm chair bow that usually gets his - and everyone else’s blood pressure up!

Blake will talk about Windsor design and origination and what makes him so passionate about them. He is looking forward to meeting you and will answer any questions participants may have. 

1 pm - 2:30 pm: Marquetry and Veneering with Wayne Delyea: Marquetry and Veneering

Please join Wayne for a live discussion about how he designs and makes a Marquetry using the Packet (Italian) Method and how I in turn incorporate these marquetrys into furniture and boxes.

Some of the topics that will be discussed include:

  • Veneers- where to find them, how to flatten them and how I store them.

  • Basic Tools needed to begin Marquetry and where to buy them.

  • Process of making a design of building and a packet for cutting on the scroll saw.

  • Cutting methods Scalpel, Chisel, Scroll Saw, Veneer Saw

  • Making Multiples of the same design but only cutting once.

  • Incorporating the Marquetry into a piece of furniture or a box.

Wayne will provide each of you with a free booklet full of useful information to help you on your way to making Marquetry.

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