Nationally Acclaimed Gourd Fine Art Show Featured At KACC

Kerr Arts & Cultural Center’s Executive Director Debbie Minns is practically out of her gourd with excitement about this upcoming event. “The Gourd Show is one of out most exciting arts events of the year,” Minns explains. “Everybody loves seeing what these artists can create out of natural materials and their imaginations. Sometimes the results are simply amazing! It’s often hard to believe that the work of art you’re viewing started with a simple seed pod.” 

“Gourd art has deep roots in folk art traditions in dozens of cultures worldwide,” Minns continues, “but these artists take it to the level of true Fine Art.” 

Caroline Wilson, KACC Center Manager, shares Minns’ excitement. “Gourd artists use every technique you can imagine to bring out what they see in nature’s original creations including  pyrography, carving, coiling, painting, dyeing, sculpting, application of materials like mosaic tile, the incorporation of found objects, and much more.  Southwest is the featured theme of the show but there is always a huge range of whimsical, contemporary, nature, and figurative themed pieces. This genre is truly powered by fertile imaginations.” 

The 2015 Southwest Gourd Fine Arts Show is a juried show featuring over 150 pieces of Gourd Fine Art representing the work of leading artists from around the country. Many of the pieces are for sale and go especially well with the Hill Country look of local homes and businesses. The show is supported in part by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts. This year’s show will be displayed from May 21st through June 28th, with a reception and awards ceremony on May 23rd from 1-3 PM at KACC. As always, the public is cordially invited, admission is free, and an array of snack food and wines will be served.

There are also two additional shows in the KACC lineup for May/June: (1) The wonderful works of Dinah Bowman and her well known “gyotaku” technique will be on exhibit in our Cornels Gallery, and (2)  Oils, watercolors, and pen and ink from Herb Wolf will be on exhibit in our Derby Gallery. These two exciting shows will share the reception event on May 23rd with the Southwestern Gourd Fine Art Show.






Impossible Dream by Mellisa Jones Best of Show 2014







diamond egg by Bill Decker





Diamond Egg by Bill Decker







Gourd Art by Lynda Beth Smith





Gourd Art by Lynda Beth Smith

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