Kerr Arts & Cultural Center’s March Gallery Exhibits

KACC Executive Director Debbie Minns loves the way the newly-redecorated

galleries seem to embrace every genre of art. “This month we’re showing a

spectacular Encaustic show entitled “Hot Wax/Cold Wax, which will focus on

an art form using pigmented wax medium.  Encaustic art has been around for

centuries but has been revived in recent years.  The show will be a ‘must

see’ for those who enjoy exciting, fresh, new work”.


Minns continues: “You could say that our galleries’ real “bread and butter”

is the diversified work of our local artists, like this month’s show

“Variety: Spice of Life” is works of all genres from members of the Fine

Arts Association of the Hill Country.


A very special show included in the March lineup is Dinah Bowman’s “Two

Months at Sea”. All of the works for this show were executed during Dinah’s

two month-long deep sea expedition aboard the Research Vessel RV JOIDES

Resolution as it conducted a deep-sea drilling program along the Juan de

Fuca Ridge off the Northwest US Coast. Bowman describes the experience as a

“A dream come true – Working aboard a marine drilling ship as an illustrator.

Drilling for science , searching for information about the earth’s crust in

water 2 miles deep and drilling 2 miles down”


All March 2016 shows will be on exhibit from March 3 – 27th, and a public

reception for the events will be held on March 5th from 2-4 P.M.


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