KACC Summer Events Highlight Artistic Diversity

Debbie Minns, KACC Executive Director, is a big supporter of teachers, noting the upcoming Hometown Crafts Teachers Show that runs from June 26 through July 27 “ is our way of giving back to these people who dedicate their lives to inspiring our young people. We sincerely appreciate the ongoing sponsorship of these shows and the generous donations of cash and art supply prizes by Hometown Crafts – this will be our 9th annual Teacher’s Show!”

Minns continues: “One of the things that make this show very special is that all entry fees are paid by Hometown Crafts – there is absolutely no charge for any teacher/artist to enter the show.”

Harvesting by David McCormick




“Harvesting” by David McCormick




Also on the event calendar for June-July, according to Minns, is “Beyond Tradition” is an exhibition of new works by artists of the Johnson Creek Press.  The nine artists, who have been working and exhibiting together over the past decade, are challenging the traditional concepts of what constitutes an original print.

Hildegard Slaughter, one of the founding members of Johnson Creek Press, comments that “This group’s aptitude for risk-taking is apparent in the way that we combine traditional printmaking techniques, such as etchings, woodcuts and monotypes, with collage, digital images, transfers and a wide range of other techniques. By challenging and expanding on the context in which printmaking is typically viewed, the Johnson Creek Print artists are showcasing the contemporary print practices happening today.”

Diane Henry2





Diane Henry






Some Awfully Nice Peopleby Diane Henry 1 copy





“Some Awfully Nice People” by Diane Henry






Jubilation by Beth Hughes





“Jubilation” by Beth Hughes






Dark Labyrinth by David McCormick




“Dark Labyrinth” by David McCormick





Finally, Minns points out, “The Derby Gallery will host a show by Joseph Walsh featuring his Black & White photographs of Paris. Those who love Paris will see it in a new light, and those who have never been will see sides of Paris revealed that even the experienced traveler may never have seen.”

A free public reception for all June-July events will be held on Saturday, June 28th from 1-3 pm. Food and refreshments will be served.





Photo by David McCormick



L-R: David McCormick, Joyce Troegel, Lisle Drake, Diane Henry, Liz Napier, Mary Catherine Collins, Hildegarde Slaughter

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