KACC Celebrates Mysteries Of The The Natural World


March in the Texas Hill Country is when the first signs of a verdant spring emerge, and the three artists whose works will grace the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center’s galleries this month each celebrate emergent visions of the natural world in a special way.

Thomas Evans is a native Texan who has lived and worked in the Hill Country west of Austin since 1978. His life long interest in nature is the inspiration for his paintings and his home and studio are near upper Lake Austin and surrounded by the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. His work is in many corporate and private collections and perhaps his best-known work is the monumental mural “Hill of the Medicine Man”, which now hangs above the east ticket counter at Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

Hill of the Medicine Man,  by Thomas Evans




Hill of the Medicine Man by Thomas Evans






heron art 1 by Thomas Evans



Heron by Thomas Evans






Little Roan Hunting by Thomas Evans




Little Roan Hunting by Thomas Evans






Thomas Evans Austin-Bergstrom International  Airport



Thomas Evans Austin-Bergstrom International  Airport




Asked how he approaches his subjects, Evans says “I usually begin by taking a photo of something I’ve been watching for several months or several years from every angle and with different kinds of light and through different seasons. It helps to live with your subject. In other words, if you intend to paint or sculpt horses, then first buy a horse and learn all you can. Art is very much like science.”

In response to being asked what impact he hopes to have with his work, Evans smiles “I do this because I’m interested in the natural world and the laws of physics. I am trying to challenge myself to make each painting better than the last. I am not trying to have any impact on anyone else. But if there is impact I hope to have with my work, I would hope people might have a greater appreciation for an environment undisturbed by man.”

Lucy Jennings, a photographer whose work will hang in the Derby Gallery throughout March, says of her work “I have always thought of myself as an artist who loves photography. I’ve been greatly influenced by the work of Strand, Stieglitz and Burkholder.  Artistically, to name a few, O’Keeffe, Matisse and Duchamp inspire enthusiasm for color, shape and composition. I’m all over the board. I also enjoy assemblage and wire sculpture. All the technology in the world is no replacement for a gifted eye. Whether the subject is beauty, decay, bleak discomfort, bright color and light, perplexing or random, my wish is that my work will cause you to think beyond the boundaries.”

Vanessa Garcia show “Origin: Tracking 20 Years of Work” will feature the artist’s playful and insightful use of found materials to attract the viewer to examine the world that lies behind or within seemingly random pieces of castaway objects. Garcia is an artist, scholar and educator whose range of inspiration know no conventional boundaries, and she has a deft touch with media that invites others to share her sometimes quirky, always interesting visions.


Candor by Vanessa Garcia



Candor by Vanessa Garcia







Empty 2008 by Vanessa Garcia




Empty 2008 by Vanessa Garcia






KACC’s March shows will be on exhibit from March 5th – 29th, and the free public opening reception for all shows will be held March 5th from 4:30 to 6:30 PM.

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