Facility Rental


Facility Rental Price List By Room

Half Day Rate (3 hours or less)/Day Rate (Over 3 hours and during KACC  business hours).

Room Description Non-Memb./For Profit Rate Member/Affiliate Rate
Sue’s Studio Natural Light, main level, sink. 30 Lecture/12 tables $70/110 $40/60
Forum Education Level, A/V equip., sink. 70 Lecture/24 tables $70/110 $40/60
Break Room Education Level, sink. 20 lecture, up to 8 tables $50/90 $30/50
Studio I Education Level, sink; up to 6 tables $30/50 $20/30
Studio II Education Level, sink, up to 6 tables $30/50 $20/30
Studio III Education level, sink, 18 lecture, 8 tables $40/70 $25/40
AV/PA Systems Available in Forum $30 $15



Special Event Rentals

KACC will consider any request for use of its facility, however, the following guidelines usually apply.

Galleries are not available during gallery hours.  All alcohol use must be within TABC law.  Any caterer may be used.  Set up may occur during gallery hours if it does not interfere with the current exhibition.

125 Guests or less, out by 7 pm:  $175
Each additional hour, partial count as whole: $50
Over 125 Guests add: $50
Sit-down or other extensive set up add: $50

Renter is liable for damages.  If KACC incurs cleaning expenses as a result of the rental, those expenses will be billed to the renter.

Gallery Exhibits are the priority, according to KACC mission.  In some cases galleries may not be available for special events because of the content of the art exhibition.  Rentals are considered on a case-by-case basis.


Civic groups are welcome to visit the KACC galleries.  Groups who meet at KACC for the purpose of seeing the exhibit during gallery hours will not be charged unless additional rooms are required.  Civic Groups may use the member/affiliate group rate schedule.