Photos, Surrealism & Edgy Art at KACC in September

Photos, Surrealism & Edgy Art at KACC in September


In September the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center will feature three eye-pleasing exhibits of work created by the diverse and always innovative arts community of the Texas Hill Country.


In the Avery Gallery, running from August 27th through October 1st, the works submitted by members to the popular annual Hill Country Camera Club Photography Competition will be on display. Members of the HCCC produce their work using cameras of all types from all eras, and the results are always interesting and surprising.


From August 27th through September 20th, a show in the Cornels Gallery entitled “Hill Country Surrealism” will showcase the paintings of widely recognized illustrator Steve Pietzsch. These works open a new perspective on otherwise familiar Hill Country themes and illustrate what happens when one takes a slightly different look at the world around us.


In the Derby Gallery four Hill Country artists who call themselves “Between The Lines” – Judy Surles, Marsha Mefferd, Jeanne Heise and Debby Jascur – will exhibit some of their latest work in a show entitled “Between The Lines – At The Edge Again”.

The opening reception for all three events, which is free and open to the public, will be held on Saturday, August 29th from 1-3 pm, accompanied by beverages and refreshments. Many of the artists featured in this month’s exhibits will attend the opening reception, and they are always happy to meet admirers of their work.





‘Best of Show’ award in our 4th Annual Outside Judged Competition in May 2015.  The artist’s name is Andy Graham.








GeoHills by Steve Pietzsch




GeoHills by Steve Pietzsch

Hill Country Surrealism



Aswarm 24x30 acrylic by Judy Surles



“Between The Lines – At The Edge Again”

Aswarm 24×30 acrylic by Judy Surles

“Between The Lines… At The Edge Again” by Judy Surles

“Between The Lines… At The Edge Again”  is a art show of the most recent

abstract acrylic paintings by Kerrville artists Judy Surles, Marsha Mefferd,

Jeanne Heise, and Debby Jascur. The exhibit will be at the Kerrville Arts

and Cultural Center at 228 Earl Garrett Street from August 24 through

September 20th. A reception for these artists and other exhibitors at KACC

will be Saturday, August 29 from 1 PM to 3 PM. In addition to the works on

canvas, each member of the group has created small one of a kind original

works of art on cards.


“Between The Lines” is a group of four women who choose to work in

innovative ways and choose originality as the main characteristic of their

work. Each has developed an individual style all her own and continues to

“work outside the box” trying new methods as they paint. The four artists all

started painting at a young age and all have progressed through different

types of media to reach their current style. Each artist is an art educator,

retired or currently teaching. Each has several art related college degrees

Judy Surles’ current work continues her emphasis on bold color as the

most important element with blue, with accents of bright colors, as the

predominant color scheme. Straight lines have evolved into curves and

dominate her new work.


Marsha Mefferd works with under-painting as a first step. She then masks

areas before she paints the unmasked areas creating a feeling of different

visual levels. More layering happens until the final painting emerges.

Jeanne Heise’ most recent works emphasize new methods and materials;

gold gesso and fine line applications combine with liquid acrylics to set the

stage for a shimmering layered surface.


Debby Jascur is currently exploring her love of color and of old European

castles she has toured. Her castle paintings show buildings that are falling

apart. However, they retain their strength and dignity as they haunt those

who come to visit them.


Monthly critique sessions hone the artists’ work; the use of good design

and composition plus originality are foremost. Creating new work each

month is the major incentive for the group. “Bringing our individual styles

together, with the suggestions from the critique process, makes us all

stronger artists” states Marsha Mefferd.


Between The Lines



Left to right:

Judy Surles, Jeanne Heise, Debbie Jascur & Marsha Mefferd






Aswarm 24x30 acrylic by Judy Surles





“Aswarm” 24×30 acrylic by Judy Surles.







Mardi Gras by Marsha Mefferd





“Mardi Gras” by Marsha Mefferd