2015 Chocolate Fantasy Winners

Homemade Division:

Best Cookie/Bar – Erin Jordan/Amazing Brownie Bar

Best Cake – Karen Oldham/Chocolate Peppermint Cupcake

Best CookieBar & Best Cake - Homemade copy








Best Candy – Debbie Minns/Raspberry Key Lime Truffle

Best Candy Homemade- Raspberry Key Lime Truffle copy








Best Other – Luisa Molina/Chocolate Pie

Best Overall – Luisa Molina/Chocolate Pie

Best Other and Overall Homemade (2) copy









Professional Division:

Best Cookie/Bar – Grape Juice/Chocolate Chip Cherry

Best Cookie Professional - Chocolate Chip Cherry copy










Best Candy – Wild Flour Bakery/Chocolate Mocha Candy

Best Candy Professional - Chocolate Mocha Candy copy








Best Cake – Cakes by Sharon/German Chocolate Cake

Best Cake Professional - German Chocolate Cake copy









Best Other – Wild Flour Bakery/Caramel Apple Chocolates w Sea Salt

Best Other Professional Caramel Apple Chocolates copy









Best Overall – Grape Juice/Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta with Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Jam

Best Overall Professional - Panna Cotta copy








Music provided by Josh Murley

Chocolate Fantasy









Murley photo credit: Bill Terry


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